Dental Technology in Silver Spring, MD

At White Oak Dental LLC, dental technology is any equipment dentists and professionals use to help patients maintain healthy smiles. Several types of dental technology are available, intraoral cameras, and digital radiography. Each tool serves a specific purpose to allow a dentist to diagnose and treat patients. Digital x-rays are another example of dental technology used to maintain healthy smiles. Instead of the traditional film-type of x-ray, digital x-rays use a small sensor that can capture low-radiation digital images that the dentist can immediately analyze. Digital x-rays help dentists diagnose issues early so treatment can be implemented faster to get patients on the road to a healthy smile.

Digital Scanners

A digital scanner is a machine that scans your teeth and mouth to create an image of them on the computer. The dentist can then look at these images to diagnose any problems or issues you may be having with your smile. If the dentist sees the need for treatment, the dental team can use the digital scanner to create a custom treatment plan just for you! This custom plan ensures you receive the treatment you need for a healthy smile.

The Advantages Of Digital Scanners

First and foremost, digital scanners offer detailed images and a comfortable scanning experience for every family member. Another advantage of digital scanners is their ease of use. The digital scanners enable the operator to quickly take multiple bitewings without moving the scanner! It also eliminates the need for retakes due to shade issues, ensuring that you get the most accurate image the first time. All these factors work together to help you provide your patients with the highest care possible. As the demand for quality dental care increases, you must meet and provide the best possible care to your patients.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs are one of the newest technological breakthroughs in dentistry. They offer patients a safe, faster way to obtain the high-quality images they may need to diagnose tooth decay and bone damage. These images are produced digitally and can be viewed instantly by your dentist on a chairside monitor. The images can also be stored on your patient’s electronic file for easy reference and sharing with specialists if necessary. X-rays can be a good tool for diagnosing oral health issues, including cavities, root canal infections, bone loss due to periodontitis, impacted teeth, cysts or tumors, and more. X-rays are also helpful for planning orthodontic treatment and evaluating the results of braces or other treatment choices. 

Advantages Of Digital X-Rays

Unlike traditional x-rays, developed in a dark room by a team of technicians over several hours, digital x-rays are immediately available for viewing on a computer screen. You don’t have to wait for hours or days to see the results of your x-ray. Instead, you can discuss them with your dental care provider immediately. This allows your dentist to diagnose conditions faster and provide treatment sooner. Plus, since there’s no film to develop, no toxic chemicals are used in producing these X-rays, making them environmentally friendly and less harmful to your health. 

During your dental appointment, you can expect to undergo several different types of dental technology as part of your comprehensive exam. Contact White Oak Dental LLC at 11247 Lockwood Dr. Suite A, Silver Spring, MD 20901, or call (301) 681-6306 for more information about dental technology and what to expect at your dental visit.


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