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Let’s face it, no one wants to have a tooth removed. However, Dr. Thomas at White Oak Dental: Ted Thomas, DMD, provides simple and surgical solutions to keep you as comfortable as possible during your tooth extraction procedure. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Dr. Thomas is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist with advanced training on the most advanced procedures like tooth extractions. Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What is a tooth extraction?

If you need to have a tooth extracted, the entire tooth has to be removed from its socket in the bone.
There are several reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted, including:

  • Extensive damage that can’t be repaired
  • A loose tooth that can’t be restored
  • Too many teeth in the mouth
  • Baby teeth that aren’t falling out
  • Preparation for orthodontic procedures
  • Infected teeth that can’t be saved
  • Wisdom teeth are also commonly extracted.

Why are wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom teeth usually appear in your late teens or early 20s. Also called third molars, these teeth need to be extracted because they cause a variety of problems, most commonly impaction.

When a tooth is impacted, that means it’s stuck in the jaw. This can irritate the gum, which causes swelling and pain. Wisdom teeth can also push your other teeth out of alignment, causing bite problems and mouth pain.

Dr. Thomas does dental imaging to see if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Usually, they are extracted before they come in.

What can I expect during my appointment?

To prepare for your tooth extraction, Dr. Thomas will take X-rays of the area to plan the best approach. Depending on your overall health and dental history, he may prescribe antibiotics before and after surgery to reduce your risk of developing an infection.

Dr. Thomas provides two types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical.


Simple extractions are done when the tooth being removed can be seen. Dr. Thomas first loosens the problem tooth and then extracts it using a forceps.


Surgical extractions are done for more challenging tooth removals. It may be used for teeth that are broken off at the gumline, or if they aren’t visible in the mouth yet. During surgical extractions, Dr. Thomas makes a small incision in your gum in order to extract your tooth.

Dr. Thomas determines the best anesthesia option for your tooth extraction.

He then provides post-extraction care instructions depending on which procedure you underwent.

To learn more about tooth extraction, call White Oak Dental: Ted Thomas, DMD or schedule an appointment online today.