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Ted Thomas, DMD

Dr. Ted Thomas received his Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of South Carolina and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. He served as the Chief of Dental Services for the Andrews Air Force Base 459th Reserve Unit and as the head of dental system implementation, training and upgrades for the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He is a fellow of the American College of Dentistry and a member and past president of the Southern Maryland Dental Society.

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At White Oak Dental, your smile will be in great hands! Our warm, friendly and professional dental team speaks English, Spanish and French. Our team is here to help our dentist give your smile the care it deserves and provide you with a great patient experience. To schedule your dental appointment in Silver Spring, Maryland, and see what our team can do for your smile, call our office at 301-681-6306.

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